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36/365: Babymoon Cruise



35/365: Southernmost Point on Key West


34/365: Watching the Superbowl Outside on a Cruise


We watched the superbowl outside on the cruise from loungechairs

33/365: Looking Forward to What’s in our Future

babymoon1Big things are in our future – can’t wait for the second half of our babymoon on the cruise!


32/365: Babymoon Photo Shoot

babymoon2Josh took some of the most amazing photos of me and my tiny baby bump while we were in the Bahamas!


31/365: Josh and the Hammock

babymoon3I couldn’t get Josh out of the hammock.

30/365: Check Mate

IMG_20140201_202903Our nightly game of chess lasted anywhere from 1 – 2 hours. Look at how serious Josh is!